Reviews for "PC Master"


OH, by the way, the sound it makes when u lose is off the movie aliens 2

Quite an original concept, and a funky wee game.

Nicely done, man.

My favourite bit is quite possibly the voice when you lose, but hey...

How did those guys get all those high scores?

Oh, and the game is perhaps a bit too short and limited to warrant a higher score.


Why post a game like this on NG. It's sorta out of place.


well, the beginning of this game when u are hitting the computer with a baseball bat, is stupid but extremely entertaining. the other part of the game is only a challenge to people who dont know computers insides that well, i built my computer so it was a bit to easy. very good job though, excellently made


I beat the game and I got 700, the I saw the scores.
So I tried the right clicking thing to test it,
I got 0.....
How do you get over 1000?