Reviews for "PC Master"

hey pretty good

good enough to go into my favorite submissions. it took me about 3 tries to beat. I got stuck on the video card and the keyboard cable. nice job.

p.s. you should make trigun in a nutshell that would be awesome!!!


Great concept.. But sure is easier when that's your mother board. ^^


everytime i go to play it shows a guy with a baseball bat and a c0mputer for like a half a second and then it says not found, now what kind of fucked up shit is that?


but how could you get 6,000(over!)!?
nice game,but kinda shitty from what my friend said.

That was....

Well, I kept playing for about 5 minutes so it wasn't so bad. Since I"m a computer geek that helped too but I just didn't see any...
well I just didn't see crap here. Try again. Next