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Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"

Oh man

When I bought Metroid Prime 3, it was the last copy in the store... and it was opened as well! I sure do hope that it wasn't in any buttcheeks..... i'm afraid to smell it now.

this should be on tv

great stuff dude

Gotta love the hobo Rabbit guy...

I loved this. Once again you've taken working in a game store to the next limit. I've always wondered why the boxes to new games are always open and now I see why. Those little rascles....seriously, if the next game I buy smells like crap, I'm gonna kick some ass! WHOO! Anyway, besides ass smelling games, this was great. Short and sweet, but not sweet smelling. Keep up the awesome work!


"quick put it back in the box"


i thought this was a comedy not a fake gay porno!