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Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"

Awesome dude!

Seriously that was one of the funniest thing on Newgrounds.
But kinda gross.


Maybe this would explain why I've gotten about 2 or 3 PC games that either don't have the game disk in them. Not to mention even more of them that I've taken home and had one of the disks (usually the very last one) suddenly crap out (haha!) on me. Anyway, that was quite funny. Got me to check out the entire series.

you know.....

I THOUGHT my copy of yoshi's island smelled kinda funny.....


This was a very funny short with Jacquo having to carry a DS game in his ass then dump it out in an old Starbucks cup,also i liked Plum's new design a lot so overall this was another great short. =)


the brown skinned hobo said "ah my butt smells"