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Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"


it was ok that's about it


The animation was preety cool, and the "plot" not really interesting but it doesn't have to be, it was fun though! REALLY fun, Jaques!!!!!!!

Good animation could use more funny

Graphics 8
Sound 8
Comedy 7
Script 5
Voice acting 6

What a bitch!

.. but I like the idea of ass-clinching a DS cartridge into a cup.
So she won't buy the game because it's not shrink wrapped. The reason why they open the cases is so that not all merchandise gets put behind glass shelving, so we can freely pick up a case and check it out. So that joke gets zero kudos from me.
Aside from the hobo rabbit, I hate the characters. Total douche canoes.

i didnt get it

yeah...dont get the joke, although the animation quality was very nice.

some ass is obviously voting the majority of these reviews as "useless", so to that guy: suck my sack.