Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"

I love this series

These GFGames episodes are among the few series on Newgrounds that happen to pertain to videogames and be well written/animated.

As always, the animation was nice, and the design is very clean. The premise wasn't as memorable as some of the other ones', but it was still entertaining and worthwhile.

I hope to see more soon.


Sniff at the end = priceless.


I didn't quite get it...Why are people always getting the last copy?
But the Characters sound and graphics were top noch.

Ahh Nostalgia

I knew some girls from Gwent who used to do that trick with five 20 pence pieces, once they'd had a few drinks.

Artwork and animation is excellent as always !


that was pretty good. there is a point on opening some of the new games but i wont get into it...lol

good work!!!