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Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"

Pretty good.

Good graphics, and cool audio. Nice pacing, as well.

It just wasn't "OMG, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!" funny.

Good job, and 'grats on front page.

College Humor

Haha, Thank you, Thank you for following my made-up policy.

Short Animations MUST be extremely detailed. However, this wasn't very short, just a bit short, and the level of detail was above what I expected. All your characters were sharp, they didn't look weird or different at any angles and they were original. Your animation was also equally as impressive. Really, the scene's like the Rabbit. (Sorry forgot the name) sitting on the DS cartridge and The dude reaching out for the game to give to the girl were perfect. Really good work.

Your Sound was also really good. They all seemed to have acted as a normal person would in each situation. So that shows how well you story boarded. Not to mention the quality of the voices. However, the show ran on one joke, which was a good one, but wasn't over the top hilarious, and didn't have a twist ending or anything. It would have been funnier if the girl took the game walked out and screamed, "There's a shit stain on the game!" or it could have cut into a scene with her trying to play the game and nothing happening, until she pulls out the cartridge and see's like a brown stain inside Slot-1 or something.

However those are just my ideas, I don't really expect you to follow them but they are worth mentioning. To me, the real reason why I wanted to watch this to the end was the quality of your work and it's a very known fact that all the good looking submissions, are the ones that are usually good.

Quality beats Quantity

Sneakz the NEW king of reviewers.

Animation was great

The animation and sound of this flash was great, but I didn't really understand what the rabbit was doing.

Funny but doesn't give both sides

Very funny, but skews towards the whole GameStop hate thing. There's a reason it's done.

If you don't want the last new copy, don't buy it, find it somewhere else.

I agree.

Good animation, bad joke.