Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"

Was not Expecting Quality Work...

...Oh... Wow. The animation is great, the voice acting is superb, and it's a joke that is 15x funnier to me as I work at GS and have to put up with that crap a good 4x per hour!

No offense, I didn't expect much out of this flash, (The title "The Last Copy" is what lured me in) but I was swept off my feet at just how... well done this flash was. Even if it is short, it shows that there was a lot of effort put into this. Great job!

very nice

I can't belive he smelled it.

Pretty funny as usual

And good luck with the NES Marathon charity tommorrow. I hope you raise as much money as the Mario Marathon did 2 weeks ago.

oh godness..

i have to try it....

heck ya!

This flash is great! hahahahahaha ! no wonder i dont buy professer layton!