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Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"


that is sick....


New and funny, good job

funny and smooth like always

To Monkerlotus: Because he noticed that something smells weird. He checked was it the game.


That was the most random thing i've ever seen, second to "Awesome" videos. But nice job. Ya...a bunny with some kinda game stuck between his ass, and dropping it into a starbucks coffee was priceless...but kinda wierd at the same time. ._. Ya, i'll make sure to check my copy of the game when I buy games. Dont want rabbit shit on mine. :3 LOL. :D
-Good Quality
-Good Graphics
-Good Overall Presentation

-I don't really get the story

Thats all. Good Job. :3 Hope to see more in the future.


good animation. nice little short. should be like one of those shorts you see during commercial breaks