Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"


this is EXACTLY what i've been wanting to say about gamestop's "new" game policy. great satire/criticism etc. :D

oh godness..

i have to try it....


this was sickinigly awsome

Gotta love the hobo Rabbit guy...

I loved this. Once again you've taken working in a game store to the next limit. I've always wondered why the boxes to new games are always open and now I see why. Those little rascles....seriously, if the next game I buy smells like crap, I'm gonna kick some ass! WHOO! Anyway, besides ass smelling games, this was great. Short and sweet, but not sweet smelling. Keep up the awesome work!


did you get your insperation for the intro with the computer brain looking border
from taking your pen tablet apart???