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Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"


That was the most random thing i've ever seen, second to "Awesome" videos. But nice job. Ya...a bunny with some kinda game stuck between his ass, and dropping it into a starbucks coffee was priceless...but kinda wierd at the same time. ._. Ya, i'll make sure to check my copy of the game when I buy games. Dont want rabbit shit on mine. :3 LOL. :D
-Good Quality
-Good Graphics
-Good Overall Presentation

-I don't really get the story

Thats all. Good Job. :3 Hope to see more in the future.


very funny!
though i didnt really understand what was going on...


I'm not saying that a rabbit running around with a DS cartridge clenched between his butt cheeks is weird or anything, but...yeah.
5/5 for hilarity

not rely funny

not rely funny but the animation was smooth

Not really that funny.

But the weirdness is 10/10

Not bad.