Reviews for "Shamoozal: GFGames #3"


Wasnt particularly funny, Grade A voices, Decent animation, The joke was oooookaaay it wasnt great. id say you deserve a 8/10

uhm what

the animations where very good and the movement and voices were well dubbed i just didn't find the but carrying thing that is used commonly in college movies or in tv shows as humor for a flash

overall good flash and voice not so good idea for an episode

What happened to Plum's face?

Great! Lol! Jacquo made alot of cash at the end of these series (he also made like 70$ in the last GFGames... but, what the fuck happened to Plum's face? she used to be sort of hot and "plump" now she's a miss butterworth, she looks more mature though, but she's not as cute as in "Crapfest Force".


great story, great art work i just loved this one im waitin to see your next work

That was great.

It was pretty good.
The thing that annoyed me was the peoples faces. :P
And I remember the day Wii came out, I got the last copy of Twilight Princess that they had.
And the guy behind me wanted it, thus he got so pissed off. xD