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Reviews for "flash mouse maze tutorial"

Explain it dude...

Man, you gotta explain the code. If you don't understand it, don't make the tutorial. If you do, explain it. Don't be lazy. RRRRR.
Work on your spelling too. But seriously, don't write tutorials till you actually know what you're talking about.
The game was great though, but it's useless if you don't want that exact game, or you want something of your own.
I still voted 5, and voted it for the tutorials collection, because I want it to stay, but you really have to work on how you write.

You didn't explain the code

The absolutely most useful thing you could have done was explain the code. You didn't do that. Explaining the code teaches them how to change it to their own game, or how to use the same commands in a different situation.

im with those guys....

I am going to start to make flash movies and games, and i am looking at every tutorial, and the things that differ the good ones i have found and this... is they explain the code so that you can use parts of the code for other things, not just the thing your using the tutorial on.


YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN THE CODE!!!! How will anyone know how to make it their own if YOU DON'T EXPLAIN THE CODE!!!!

diaz123 responds:

yeh i shud have done that lol :P didntwant to make pplz brains hurt so i just give them it to copy and paste and told them wot it dus so they dont need to know how it works lol