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Reviews for "flash mouse maze tutorial"

@ awesome gamer

heres the disable right click thing just copy and paste on first frame ok?;
function doSomething() {
MENU = new ContextMenu();
Functioned = new ContextMenuItem("nice try : P", doSomething);
_root.menu = MENU;
ok hope i helped

Thanks For Easy To Use Tut

I think the other reviewers are way too harsh, I just used it and hope to build a crappy lil game from it; thank you.

PS I think you were right on not explaining it; this is obviously not designed for people to learn actionscript, but just for them to quickly and easily be able to have a template for a mouse maze game, and it does that perfectly. I gave 8 because of presentation; you could have made it look for flashy.


how u disable right click?


YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN THE CODE!!!! How will anyone know how to make it their own if YOU DON'T EXPLAIN THE CODE!!!!

diaz123 responds:

yeh i shud have done that lol :P didntwant to make pplz brains hurt so i just give them it to copy and paste and told them wot it dus so they dont need to know how it works lol

im with those guys....

I am going to start to make flash movies and games, and i am looking at every tutorial, and the things that differ the good ones i have found and this... is they explain the code so that you can use parts of the code for other things, not just the thing your using the tutorial on.