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Reviews for "Hard quiz"

This shity game (SPLAPP ME DO RULES!!!!!)
He hate you you try to be good from splapp me do :( The impossible quiz!

pretty good

not really good but good for a starter anyway (sorry if your not a starter ^_^ )

What program did you make this with?

Nice quiz. What program did you make this with?

g0m responds:

Flash 8.

It was ok.

I've seen better and worse. I have one thing though. On Quetion I think 36 it took me back to the beginning for no reason. 6/10 3/5

g0m responds:

Yeah, I think I lost the .fla file, so If I make this again (from scratch) I'll fix that


actually its sorta fun, the question where it looks like its the end of the quiz because you give us the long message click the second blah. oh yeah and its easy to use tab on your questions because u dont make a seperate click for each button theres just one for all the wrong answers and 1 for the right answers. Nice work, next time Try using text for the numbers and questions, and keep the questions on the bottom of the page and it'll look alot more professional.

g0m responds:

Thanks for the advice!