Reviews for "Mazemania"

BAH! I Died, Yet I love It!!!!

it's enjoyable, the music is great and I have a sense of wanting to beat it which says more than I ever could abut this game.


what the fuck has newgrounds gone pussy? I can't say anything offensive anymore? what is this putting rules on what i can and can not say....

I suppose they are trying to keep it friendly so nobody sees a bad word....

well fuck newgrounds you were way cooler in the past,

newgrounds has gone pussy.

and i'm going to get banned for this, how very sweaty...

Very nice

Nice was fun only got to level 4 :(

UltimateFang responds:

it took me hecka long to beat it myself.....


This is actually, pretty good but it takes a long time to get through, even if you did warn us. i recomend next time to either have more life or have less dead ends.

That hurt my head

But, alas, twas an interesting game. I really do enjoy it. But why is it that my track is the one at terrible quality?

Thanks anyways for using my track in that game. I love puzzles, and this was one of them.

If you ever decide to rework it I would suggest you maybe clean up the graphics and such. A little dirty, a little gritty, but fun nonetheless.

GJ 8/10 4/5

UltimateFang responds:

now that i recall it i have no clue why it is bad quality =(