Reviews for "Mazemania"


this is probably the worst game i have ever played and will ever play, as a guy earlier said you need to make sure that everything dosent look the same


what the fuck has newgrounds gone pussy? I can't say anything offensive anymore? what is this putting rules on what i can and can not say....

I suppose they are trying to keep it friendly so nobody sees a bad word....

well fuck newgrounds you were way cooler in the past,

newgrounds has gone pussy.

and i'm going to get banned for this, how very sweaty...

Hits would've helped

The only Zelda Reference is the poorly drawn Triforce Pieces. NO HINTS! This just turned into a ridiculous guessing game. Most of the screens looked the same. I got 2 of the pieces

Not that bad

Graphics def need improvement but i did not find it a wastr of time i rather enjoyed it

pretty cool

a game to kill time and pretty cool but the graphics were uhhhhhh so i give you 8