Reviews for "Mother: The Seven Needles"

Awesome! Just perfect for a EarthBound movie! :D

I have no words to express about how awesome is this, song.
If you don't mind, I'll be sharing this with the folks at starmen .net. :3


Very well made. Blended all the different themes perfectly and I got to say that your version is more ''complete'' than Eperiod's Mother 3 Medley with similarities which might be normal since its from the same game theme songs.

Simply Amazing

You Sir, have talent! I would never be able to compose such a masterpiece as this. It's been a year since i've beaten the game, and this brings back memories. You should be very proud of yourself.

However there were parts in the song that didn't sound quite right like at 4:28-4:32 and at 8:30-8:33. But since there isn't a 9.999999999999 rating, i guess i'll have to give you ten.

A blast from the past

The title just explains it all! Awesome job. I <3 this so much.

You know, I may be a guy, but every guy has their soft spots... and Mother 3 is mine. THIS SONG TELLS IT ALL! Lucas having to go through all of that trouble... losing his mother because of an enraged Drago, which sends Claus (his brother) to try to kill the Drago with nothing but a home-made knife... thus Claus gets lost, killed, revived, and brainwashed by Porky... resulting in Lucas and the brainwashed Claus having to fight at the end of the game. The mother calls from the dead and helps Claus realize who he is... Claus reflects on all of the bad things he had done and shoots a lightning bolt at Lucas's Franklin Badge, resulting in him committing child suicide. The last Lucas will remember of Clause is cradling his dead corpse. Then, Lucas goes over and pulls the last needle, thus, ending the game in a cataclysm. This song just shows the magnitude of the sadness in the game. I CRIED while listening to this. But I still have to thank you for helping me reflect on what I consider to be the greatest game of all time! THANK YOU SO MUCH!