Reviews for "Mother: The Seven Needles"

Awesome! Just perfect for a EarthBound movie! :D

I have no words to express about how awesome is this, song.
If you don't mind, I'll be sharing this with the folks at starmen .net. :3


However although I have never played Mother 3 I still found this to be a wonderful track of joy and happiness as well. I like the truly dynamic intro that seems to make you feel like some kind of hero out to save the world as well and I really love that a lot.

The trumpet and drums are nice. The violin and bell echo were very nice here. The dynamic drums are truly great at the start though so I liked them.

1:03 - You get a feel of overflowing memories coming back to you as you keep going forth on the quest looking for your little lost brother and disappeared in New Pork City strangely.

1:46 - The flute gives a feeling of piece while the drums and harp give a slight moment of piece to you as you keep on pushing yourself to a new day along with a new hope as well while wondering what the world has to offer now that Pokey has it in ruins and around his finger.

2:42 - You get more of a feeling of piece as a guitar joins in and the drums pick up a more dynamic feel to them giving that feel of sudden demise possibly coming to you. Also feels like the part where a boss battle would have been coming as the bass plays a few really quick parts here in a nice tone.

3:43 - Really liking the bass breakdown here as it sounds like a really cool solo to me and I would not mind learning it and then a sudden dramatic change to a boss battle feel as the trumpets, war drums, and all else gives a feeling of chaos and a slight party while Pokey tries to destroy with the Masked Man who you find later to be your brother that Pokey experimented on sadly.

4:50 - The dynamic boss continues on.

5:02 - Really like the light feel as the synth bell chimes give a feeling of hope wile the piano chords make you feel at ease while trying to save the world from Pokey and the Masked Man who seems to have powers only you and your brother were born with strangely.

6:00 - The second part of this truly uplifting boss battle continues.

6:19 - For a few minutes while the harp plays you feel right at ease yet real sad as if you were about to find out something really sad and terrible that had happened to you or a close friend. The synth chords give a really touching and sad moment as well which was pleasant on the ears here.

7:35 - Really enjoying the uplifting coffee break reference here while the sax synth plays a beat that makes you feel happy while it also has some incredibly fast moments as well which rocked a lot.

8:03 - Really cool boss battle feel here as the drums, trumpets, and synth all come together to help you get the idea that this is the final battle and the world's fate rest in the hand of you and your close friends who have come with you the full way as well. Also kind of reminds me of King Dedede battles slightly. Really like the fast synth build up here too.

9:43 - A truly dark feeling boss battle the the angelic chorus and dark sounding synth that sounds like it has a built in whammy bar plays giving a feel of fast paced battling against your brother who you wish to save.

10:45 - You have a sad feel as you had to kill your brother and help him to due in piece so he would no longer have to live in pain knowing what he was forced to mindlessly do without control. The piano and backing bass give a feel as you look to the sky that everything will be ok as time moves on as well.

11:39 - The drums give a symbol of hope as the beat marches on and the bass kick gives a more better feel of happiness knowing Pokey is forever stuck in that capsule unable to escape and harm or tell people what to do ever again happily. Looking to the skies it looks like tomorrow is the start of a new day for the world of Mother as you all walk out of the building.

Overall, very wonderful medley and I enjoyed and cherished every moment of it too. Really up and happy feeling beat that makes you feel good on the inside as well. Very nicely put together piece of work and I guess a medley this long would take several months. Glad to hear it and how well it went overall though. Never played the game but this makes me want to. Wonderful beat here really enjoyed it.