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Reviews for "interactive tomb pt.1"

So. . .

. . . can you actually jump that gap with the swinging log or is it meant as a dead end?

diaz123 responds:

lol yeh its a dead end :P i cant do actionscript that good lol

This had potential

I can see some talent in you. With some more hard work, this could've been a really good game. The main thing needed is sound. Effects and music are both absent. You also should have made it longer with more rooms to explore. The story is not quite finished. But I loved the graphics. The blood effects (those were great), goblin, minotaur, and dragon all look good, the stuff that needs work graphics-wise is the environments, it really needs detailing like cob webs. You should also have used a different font for the papers on the walls.

diaz123 responds:

thx m8 very helpfull

It was good...

the only thing it needs is some kind of sounds and maybe some more interesting scenery. :)

diaz123 responds:

yeh i agree i actually forgot totally about the sound coz i was focusing more on gettin it complete witohut spoofin up lol

it reminds me of Friday the 13th.

on nintendo, but it's much less disorienting, which is admirable. I think if you added some music and sound fx to this it could really be something everyone could enjoy.

diaz123 responds:

well ive never played that but thx yes i will find some music forpt.2 thx

OK Game

Could have been better....it kinda feels like an interactive fighting fantasy book
wich is awesome

diaz123 responds:

:D thx yeh i think the interactive fantasy books r cool 2