Reviews for "Modern Tactics 3"


wow really great game! easy tut and gameplay with a little challenge i will have to come back and finish this! recommended to all my friends


i have been supporting the modern tactics series since the first release. huge fan of modern tactics.

wow i give 5/5 and 10/10

really hard unless you go through the helps things but i went 8 hours with this game LOL
i even called off a day of work I told my boss i had the flu LOL
he blevied me LOL


This game is perfect!!!not else to say about it !!!!!


Man, I love this game. It is a lot like call of duty, except turn-based. Great system, love the turn based and no leader factors, great choice of weapons, skills, attachments, and pretty much everything. I also love how you don't have to beat the level to get xp and how you can replay previous things, and the destination game mode. Wonderful! Whatever new tactical-rpg your making, I hope it isn't to far of from this piece of art!
Out of 5:
Graphics- 3
Gameplay- 4
Replay value- 5
Upgrades and interest value-4
Frustration ( bad thing) -