Reviews for "Quantum Theory Renegade"



Awesome as usual

This is definitely one of your best tracks... And one of the best Metal tracks on Newgrounds... Love everything about this. Well, the only thing I don't love is those fret noises. (But it's OK ;) ) Great use of the synth.
Definitely a song worthy of celebrating the release of the album.


This is really a good Song.
If you're going to sell this Stuff i'm sure the whole World would buy it ! :)
Well done, hope to hear some more >amazing< Stuff like that!

Keep rocking \m/


Good to see you taking things to the next level, your work deserves recognition and support. Im definitely spreading the word and making a CD of this. Keep it up dude, I hope to see you among the big boys one day... \m/

Hory Sheet!

My man... This is by far some of the best shit I've heard on NG. There is nothing bad I can say about this. I wish there were some vox but that's about it. Awesome work man, keep it up.