Reviews for "Quantum Theory Renegade"


this amazing. great work!

Quite Epic

This was eargasmic. Definite talent. Keep it up! :D


In all fairness, I can tell you spent quite a bit of time on this track, and I'm guessing the other tracks on the album are the same.
Sounds like epic battle music too :P
I really like it! :D

Don't know if you like Trivium, but it has the same sound as a song by them titled, "The Crusade", which is also an instrumental. That's what hooked my attention! Keep up the good work!

P.S Would love to know what programs you use to record the guitar, drums, etc.

fucking sweet man!!

that was just what i was looking for for my MP3!!!

Your on the path...but

I feel it's missing something.Still it's just my say. Great work on making it.