Reviews for "Quantum Theory Renegade"


The quality is good, the tone is good, and the synth sounds sweet. I think you could done a little bit more though, it's just kind of repetitive.


you just blew my god dam mind

instantly inlove

officially fell inlove with your music

One of my favorites from the album man!

Just giving you a heads up I've got the lyrics down for this song and a couple others from the album so if you could get in touch with me and let me know if you want me to start recording that'd be great. then everyone can enjoy some vox with these badass tunes!

But for the review,
I love the guitar work in this song, it flows so smoothly, and was extremely pleasing to write vocals to. I'd have to say my favorite part of the song is the right at 2:40 - 3:11. That part is sick! but, hope to hear from ya soon man, keep on shredding.



This was so fresh, in fact, that I think I let it loop several times before realizing that the song had repeated at all. This doesn't get repetitive at all, and the balance of attention given to guitar/bass/drums is absolutely exquisite. Perhaps it could use some solos?