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Reviews for "Worst Apocalypse Ever"

Just damn right hilarious!

Although all your work is to die for, this must have been one of you're best! I'm glad you won 3rd place with this because if u didn't make top 3 that would be ridiculous. Keep up the good work! :D

VAC7 Comments

There's not too many things wrong with this one. It's one of my favorites. I think maybe the writing could have been a bit less rediculous (being nitpicky) and the transition whiel driving was a bit off. Overall, I really liked this a lot.

Oh the ending. Got me, you really got me with that one. Ahh, OK the acting was believable and had a comical side to it that worked well with the overall skit. Mixing was very good and added a lot to the skit. Now the acting was very good but it kinda pushed the boarder of being silly and trying to be serious a little to close for me. It sounded like it wanted to just be a funny skit but the little brother incident just felt weird to me. Like it should have been done in a more comical manner if that was the feel you were going for. I did really enjoy listening to it and...oh poptarts...gets me every time.


Marks voice is hilarious, but there are moments where he sounds like a guy shakespeare, most notibly at the beginning. I commend your zombie acting too. Your voices for the main characters are very unique, however "human" Tims voice resembles Marks somwhat. I tell you, the voices for each character fits their personaility perfectly WERE OUT OF POPTARTS!! (still, zombie apocalypse, its been done quite a bit already) You did an excellent job with your sound effects, especially the ones you made with your own voice, I actually didn't notice when I first heard them. even though your story was so random, you managed to put it together pretty well. When going into a zombie apocalypse, be sure to have poptarts.

TomStheVoice responds:

I am honored that you all enjoyed it. I take all feedback into account, and I will definitely keep what you all said in mind. Thank you very much. :)

Title may be true!

I got a couple laughs out of this. (Particularly the part where you smacked the zombies) I like that you made most sound effects with your voice. I agree with the other review, you should have stopped after "We are out of poptarts!", everything after that is unnecessary. The quality was good. Some music would have been nice!

TomStheVoice responds:

Gah! I regret putting that unnecessary stuff! Even I noticed that it doesn't really work. I guess for the contest, though, it's too late to change...I'm actually not sure on that. I'll have to ask somebody.


I was laughin the whole time, but I think ya should of stopped right at. "we are out of poptarts!" I am scared of losing this thing now, though.

TomStheVoice responds:

Yeah, you got a good point. I wanted to emphasize the post-dramatic emotions of the first guy. Glad you enjoyed it. :) And good luck to ya! We're up against some crazy good compo (yourself included) :P