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Reviews for "Newgrounds Interview"


The responses are neither witty nor enlightening. There is no contention in the discussion. The entire exchange is bland. Better if you had emphasized the potential conflict with Tom Fulp beyond "gonna stop being so mysterious?" It is not a universal sentiment and you did not convince me to care.

The animation was fine; I suggest you move the mouth less. Watch an anime (DBZ) as example of a rate to strive for.

A little dry but a cool idea

make it a little funnier and their mouth's move a little more on time with what they are saying and you are on to something here for sure.

No complaints from me.

This is great. Loved it.


You passed. =P

Something about it...

It was pretty funny...but a couple of the jokes were pretty stale, I know that that was kind of the joke, but you know, still.