Reviews for "splattagam &é²à"

I'm probably stabbing myself in the foot but...

I actually thought it was kinda funny. Probably because I don't care about the whole 'clocks and locks' thing and can appreciate the snyde wit applied within this short.

I probably wouldn't have found it as humorous, or even humorous at all without the addition of the second bit. The art was bad in the sense that you could tell someone with talent drew it haphazardly, which is okay with me considering that it was obviously meant to be a single gag flash made quickly to stir emotion and controversy throughout the public. Really the type of thing that Andy Kaufman and Strawberry Clock used to do, and now there are many out there who would consider them comedic legends.

I know I'm probably wasting my time honestly reviewing this as the author likely is just trying to have some fun (for which I can't blame (or blam) him) and he likely doesn't much care about anyone's oppinion on this short. And the clock and lock phenomenon is shuch that I will probably be shunned by its fans for not blamming immediately, but oh well. In the end it was a piece that made myself (and others from reading the previous comments) feel something, be it hillarity or anger, and that in the end I'm sure was the point.

As for the animation itself, as I said the wit was there as was the potential animation talent (good use of tweens, bounce, and distortion to create fluid motion... I know... that is the most anilytical breakdown of 'humping' ever.) Although I do appreciate the random single gags and the like, I would really like to see what this author can do with a full length story and animation.

Rn86 responds:

see, THIS is what I call a review.
I agree with all the points you've stated, and would like to thank you for your review!


oh my god that was so stupid it actually made me laugh at how incredibly stupid it was. sorry but thats gna be a 1/5. GIVE IT A FRIKKIN STORY or at least make it interesting!

Rn86 responds:



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this flah is poor quality, racist and offensive.