Reviews for "Hunting A Hydra page 5"


pls do mor pls

Fatchaos responds:

Well... page 6 is to be done, but I'm afraid there's no... "action" involved.


Only one word can explain that pic..."HOT"

Fatchaos responds:

Wow, thanks! ;)


now I know why there was no 5th page it was in the adult section
I didn't even know you had one
great work this one looks like you regular drawings not the normal comics (good thing your regular are great)
This is hot and a great continuation to your comics just not what I expected
I just have a question
Why is he asking to stop isn't he kind of having a 4 way?

Fatchaos responds:

Well, now you do know!

Yes, I tried to put more effort on this page quality wise.

Hur hur, yes... SOME people got caught off-guard with this page.

Oh, why, you ask? He's exhausted, and Yellow there is really... hm, "grinding him dry", or so to say.

Hum... I think gonna hunt a hydra...

lol, fun n' sexy...
Can't wait for da next! (in the case there is a next... oh plz!!!!! :D)
Even it's a fun conclusion, please draw a page 6! (-_° )
Bonne continuation gars!

PS: Blue is right! ;)

Fatchaos responds:

And yes, page 6 has been pending for... 7 months... >_>
But it will come out!

Thanks again!

And yes, she usually is...

I want to find a Hydra for my self.

Wait it's Reds turn tomorow and if she stil wants to kill him. Yellow and Blue wont let her. I bet.
I would work on the BG coz would they realy do it on a less rockey ground

Fatchaos responds:

Actually, it's Blue's turn tomorrow.

And yes, they would! XD