Reviews for "Hunting A Hydra page 5"

What goes around, comes around!

His own fault, he shouldn't be so stupid anymore!
Red should give in to her feelings, as it makes things more fun
She's really fighting with herself
She could learn from Yellow and Blue (and maybe something from the hunter...)
What's the name of the hunter, Green??? ^^

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Fatchaos responds:

Well, considering the alternative, I guess he isn't really unhappy, just... exhausted.

Red is too cocky to show... but maybe in time ^^

No, his name is not Green XD So far, he's only been referred as "The Hunter", but page 6... you can get his real name.

And thanks a lot!

soo beautifull

I like blue's hair
every dagoness is very hot and horny but the hunter has tierd
The hydras heads are so beautiful especially the resigned look of red giving herself to the pleasure.
So intense and erotic love scene.
I think after reading all those reviews that ask you to do more than 6 you cant dissappoint us.
Can you?

Fatchaos responds:

Heh, she has the most, well, "kept" hair (though the current activity has more or less messed it up a little) ^^

Well, the hunter is very exhausted, considering...
Yes, not like she has any choice in the matter anyway ^^

No, I really can't, heh.

Anyway, cheers, you really flatter me ^^

nice one

great work you rock

Fatchaos responds:

Well, thanks!


Author's Response: September 15, 2009
"No... the end comes in the next page. At least for this part."

I hope that means you will continue with what happens in the comic in said âEUoenext partâEU and will you actually draw the privates in the next page?
Finally, awesome work dude.

Fatchaos responds:

Yes, I will continue what will happen on the comic, the page 6 just brings this part to a conclusion.

Hahah, this isn't exactly a "yiff-comic" to begin with, so I'm afraid that will not happen at least yet XD

Anyway, thank you a lot!


nice work on the comic wish that happend to my life from meal to lover it's fantastic also I KNOW BUT i wish i could shove a boot up NOX's ASS oh wait i forgot he's missing an anus LOL OMG I WAITED TO SAY THAT but awesome work

Fatchaos responds:

Again... please. Do not feed a troll.