Reviews for "Block Adventure"


Pretty fun

Good, but...

Not a bad concept, not very original but with enough creativity in the levels it could be quite fun. I have a few suggestions though if you do make more

1. After dying, restart the block at the start of the current level, not the start of the game

2. make it so the block moves WITH platforms

3. definately make it longer lol =P

3/5 7/10

Not bad for a first...

But it needs a auto-save feature

Buggy but Good

Had some bugs. It was still good however, just fix the bugs.

Needs Some Work....

The game is a good start and has loads of potential... However with a a little more polish and time it could become a great game. Heres a couple of ideas that could help....

GRAPHICS - Well it's a block and lines.... Maybe use a sprite character or a character of your own other then a block for starters. A background of some sort would definatley be worth while and preferably not a solid colour. (2/5)

SOUND - Well there was no sound or music to speak of... Adding sound effects or music would definatley be a plus. (0/5)

PLAYABILITY - The game itself was a good premise and had a certain degree of platfroming difficulty.. So i'm giving it full grades for this category... (3/5)

I gave you a passing score to help you through the portal, and i hope that my review helps you improve on this or helps you in a future creation.

(2/5, 5/10)