Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

cute,but sad...

...but I like it!


that was just.... good. nothing else to say about it. it has good animation, its touching, accurate chinese... what else could we ask for? keep it up.

That's so sad

This was touching...though I don't know anyone that was directly affected...I can understand the loss.

I want to learn chinese, as well as Japanese...Because for one reason I love the culture involved and also I realize Traditional Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world...with English following up 2nd.

The message is what makes it. For myself, anything that has a message is something I watch carefully, sometimes more than once...and this is no exception.

Lovely work and may everyone who died in the quake rest in peace. :]


wow thats all i can say. my prairs are with all of the victims and survivors, even though i don't believe in god.

Poor Boy

That was very sad but I feel better now after watching this ... it was awesome

Great animation and unbelievably story

You realy hit that point in me witch makes me sad and I loved it because it realy makes free