Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

OMG So beautifull

This was so beautifull, it brought a river of tears to my eyes.
Anyone who dares to rate this low is just heartless.


alot of these people have no idea what there talking about. This movie is going into favorites, and i give you 10 stars. I understood completely, and it really hit me.
Keep it up!


This is so true to the heart. Watching this made me cry.~

Very touching.

Truly a masterpiece~~~


Awesome story. One of the most interesting aspects of it was that Two Tigers song. The words are different, but it's the same tune as Frère Jacques. I wonder where it originated from to end up as two versions with completely different words and cultural backgrounds.


I loved it so much. I can't believe i didn't hear about this earthquake. American News Media can't pull their heads out of the asses to shut up about the presidential race and talk about the rest of the world. This was really well done. I hope in the future there are more flashes done like this and hopefully happier ones.