Reviews for "How Are You Now?"


Can I just say how heart-wrenching this clip was?


yup i teared up a bit too..

great movie! i didnt get it at first but became clear soon. so sad..

Oh... my god....

I.... Oh God, this movie seriously made me cry D: that's such a horrible reality... these things happen, people actually do lose friends, family, and much more in natural disasters.... It's just so horrible....

10/10 for such a meaningful and emotional movie
5/5 for making me cry over something truly important


gah! I can't believed I'm getting all teary eyes over a video on Newgrounds! Its really good, keep up raising awareness!

Indeed a Tragedy

The video broke my heart.. of course it is the reality of the earthquake's outcome. And it pains me knowing how many have been killed. The video was well made, and it pumped out alot of emotion. I mean OVERFLOWING with it. It made me cry too, of course.. Who hasn't cried to this I'll never know. Great job on the video altogether.