Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

i LOVED it!

its weird that u cant tell that hes dead until its completely obvious when they only pull her out >>ONE<< thing that is sort of weird about this is that the mom doesnt cry about the boy dying


i havent seen a flash this good in a very long time. Very deep, very emotional. I will favorite this because its a gem.


This movie was so sad. The way it's told, where you don't know whats going on at first then you begin to realize and you feel sad for the girl. And the surprise at the end was baffling. I'm having a hard time describing how moved I felt by this, so I will leave it at the fact that this is a paragon of flash, beautiful, well done, exquisite, and tells a real-world story that will touch the heart of anybody.

so sad.

The story made me cry. and i do hope all those people who lived are ok now.Nicely done


It's been a long time since something on the internet made me cry... I don't care what language it was originally in or even if it had any audio at all, the animation behind it was powerful enough on it's own. Furthermore, the audio you placed behind the animation was almost as well done as the animation, this very well may be a perfect flash, and in my eyes, the best flash on all of Newgrounds.

The concept alone is enough for a 10/10, I wish there were more stars on the rating bar or a higher number to place on the submission voting thing, cause you deserve more credit than almost anyone else I've seen on Newgrounds, if not everyone else. No words can truly express how moved this has made me.

I never pray, but tonight, and every night from now on, you, your people, and the victims, shall all be in my prayers as well as my heart.