Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

This is so beautiful

Very nice. This was very well made. I love it. It's so beautiful, and really speaks to the heart.


This flash does not effect me on a personal level because I've never lost anybody(being a loner I don't have many people I care about). This situation as with 9/11 I know the message I get it people were hurt and lives were ruined on these days but I have to say I'm rather apathetic towards the whole thing people die that's just the way it is and it hurts its suppose to but these things happen all over the world every second of everyday and most of it goes by unnoticed by most of us unless we knew the person or persons whom were lost

P.S. I mean no disrespect towards anybody who lost somebody in these situations or situations unknown to others I'm simply stating that these things happen everywhere and this is merely my opinion on the matter and is not to be taken to heart

P.S.S beautiful work, well done in every aspect. kudos

Truly A Masterpiece

This flash, this story. It was wonderful and begs to ask many questions. Was the little girl actually talking to the boy or was she talking to his ghost. It's an amazing story, a point of view really, and you told it so well. The artwork and animation were absolutely beautiful, simplistic yet wonderous. The sound and voice work is nothing short, but masterful. I enjoyed this flash very much and I thank you for sharing it with us all.

|| Good Points ||
*Masterful Artwork
*Masterful Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Voice
*Masterful Story

|| Bad Points ||


It's not often that you see a Flash used to tell a meaningful and deep story. This is absolutely excellent - it's so beautiful and so sad. Obviously, from the previous comments on this, you did a great job of really reaching people... and then making them cry :)

Fantastic work - very, very well told story; I can't stress that enough.

Beatifull ^^

dude you almost make me cry with this