Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

i really loved it :(

very touching, almost cried a little, and i really loved the music, the music fitted the animation and story very well, it's also sad that it's part of that earth quake that happened in china :(


That was heart wrenching movie and helped bring home the reality of the tragedy. I would just like you to confirm something for me though, if that's ok. I remember reading about the disaster in a British newspaper and it mentioned something about China having a one child rule...could you please maybe calrify that for me? Thanks and congratulations on a great movie.

~C x


this really puts the earthquake into perspective for the Westerners who "just couldn't care more."

I totally agree with SilentKinght's review.

and for those who want to know, im Taiwanese

That was a fantastic video

Almost made me cry...

Very, very touching.

This animation showed both artistic work and also great sympathy. I was truly saddened by the fact that the boy had died, and I will also say that that little boys heart is a great as those that took part in making this animation. I really admired the change from grayscale to colored that took place. To me, it was a sign of hope.

It pains me to see this animation receiving low scores just because they think that the creators thought they would get high remarks based on the fact that it had a sad ending and was based on somthing that really happened. If they thought that, they wouldn't have bothered on working extremely hard to make this animation of great quality, but they did, which shows that their score didn't matter to them, what mattered to them was making sure that everyone would see this so they could understand their loss. So please, to all those reading this review, rate them not for the fact, but for the intention, for the dedication, because I am pretty sure that this is an astounding peice of art, and if you don't think so, if you are one of those people who think that this is pathetic, then there is no need to rant, just leave them be.