Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

Praise the world

I find it wonderful that people are making so artistic works about natural disasters that seem unknown to the mainstream or simply forgotten by now. It had some of the most unique animation. It makes you realize that although China has the highest population, every individual is special as is every other citizen of the world. The music is so authentic and is great for the style. It just has the most heartwarming tone I could ever think of. There will always be people looking for us and who look out for the goodness of mankind.


I'm in tears. So bittersweet.
Watch this flash...

Ni hao. Wo shi Audaliaren. Vote 5!


this...i am in total awe,the animation,the story....all came together to make this beautiful masterpeice, almost cried,its just right next to perfect,also for the fluent chinese and very good voice acting,BRAVO!


I Love It!

I've watched this video many times, and I'll probably watch it many more. I love it, and it's so sad. I haven't found another video I like nearly as much as this one yet.

This is so sad...

This has to be one of the most emotional things I've seen on Newgrounds. It seriously almost made me cry. It's good to see someone with a soul on Newgrounds.