Reviews for "How Are You Now?"


Very rare an animation will be used to show support and prayer to others, and this did just that. There isn't much else to say except, I hope you are very proud of your work. You have shown just a glimpse of what people have gone through in the earthquake, and you have helped us understand a little better.



nothing really to say good movie thou.

wow good job

It gave me that "lump in the throat type of feeling". anyway that was a really great animation. 9/10 5/5 you did something good here on NG.


good very good.....but its kinda depresing...she lost her bro man...tatz sad...

Very sweet

The animation wasn't the greatest but that isn't the point. The drawings were good also but what really got me was the storyline. I'm not much into Japanese stuff or anything like that and I don't have to be to enjoy this movie, it was just very touching. I hope to see more soon.