Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

Way too Pro

I understand this animation was made for a cause. I understand, your not here to get on the top 100 here at Newgrounds, but I'm bored so I'm gonna review it like it's normal anyway! Haha

As soon as this started, looking at the loading screen, I was expecting some over the top animation, like it were a Brackenwood submission or something. But I didn't get anything like that. That's not to say your animation wasn't good, it was just at a really slow frame rate. At first I thought I was lagging, but I don't lag for any of Newgrounds flashes, and the frame rate was low for the entire video so I guess it was made like that. Another thing I found a little annoying was the lip syncing. I know I know, it was in Chinese not English, but even then, the lip syncing was off even if I followed the Chinese I was listening too. However this wasn't much of a problem anyway, I was way to focused on reading, and at sometimes the words also went by to quick. However that is just a common issue when using subtitles so I can penalize you guys much for this.

Other than that, the mood you set was perfect, the sound was awesome ... don't know about the voice acting though for obvious reasons >.> and I really enjoyed the plot, and the little twist with the boy at the end, haha, but who didn't expect that after reading "they are coming for you."!

I hope you do get as much as views as you are looking for but work on the animation a bit more, the frame rate and the lip-syncing aren't good, but your drawings and your animation of the character's were well done, not to mention the story! Haha

Overall I enjoyed watching this! Learned a thing or too from the Author comments too!

Sneakz, the NEW king of Reviewers

ttback responds:

Well, we considered that this Earthquake matter is some very heavy material and therefore some decisions were made to make this a slow motion picture. We tried to bring some light jokes into play but still, what we really wanted to capture was the emotion of insecurity, the imagination of hope, and the feeling of loss those children have been enduring when they were lost among the debris. And, while not a reason to be excused, this was a very rushy production for us, because we wanted to finish it at exactly a month after the disaster. Next time, we will try to do better.

Our next production, which won't be completed anytime soon, will be much more light-hearted.

Well made

It was good and sad. pretty sad.

too sad =(

it gave me a werid feeling of sad ness but didnt cry 0.0


This is the best video I have ever seen. Very sad, very well animated, I loved the relationship between NeuNeu and her brother. I gave it a perfect, well deserved 10.

Kind of sad

Nice how you finally find out where they are, underneath the debris... makes you realise how the situation in China actually is.