Reviews for "How Are You Now?"

Very impressive.

Hopefully the message you meant to convey reached your target audience.

The style of which the animation is formed from is very poetic. From start to finish, the animation was fantastic, and a message was sent. It's neither over-the-top nor withered.


This made me cry at the end! You bastard! It was very well made though, the movie. The music and the absence of color at first. (It was nice how you added the color at the end. Gave the whole thing a bit of extra flavour.) How the children interacted and that very sad ending. Well, I guess it was happy too but... I really hate goodbyes :(
5 and a 10.

How sad?

It was touching. I had tears in my eyes. T_T

Really touch

I have to say, this is a very well-exucuted movie, it manage to delever the feel and story to audience and touch audience in the heart.

Great job!


really made me think about it, just because it didnt happen in the us doesn't mean it should just be forgotten. thx for reminding me and alot of people about it.