Reviews for "How Are You Now?"


i was so moved by this....it made me cry....reminds me of all the earthquakes and 9/11.....my moms friend died....she gave his necklace to my brother.....


and the worst thing that this happens 4 real...

people did a lot of crap 2 the earth

Pretty good

Really nice story =]


Well done, beautiful story, really touching.
5/5 10/10
Sad story almost made me shed a tear.


You know, it's not often that I'm touched by anything. Despite the fact that I'm quite a pacifist and caring type, I'm rarely touched by things unless they hold a greater meaning to me. Usually, I tend to ignore things out of ignorance, but I don't think it's intentional all the time. It's more of a lack of knowledge about what's really going on. However, it's movies like this that open my eyes up to the world around me, and show me just how tragic life really is. It also shows how much support places like China need when such a disaster of epic proportions strike. I've never been in an earthquake, let alone any other disaster, so I've never known the seriousness of one, but now I see, through the eyes of a child who became trapped like many others. It's hard to critique a movie like this because it's almost as if it just wasn't made to be critiqued, and how could I when the animation is well done, the story is well portrayed, the point is relevant, powerful, and it's overall well executed. I think the only thing I'd even note on is the English subtitles sometimes being a bit strange, like when Two is spelled like TWo during the song, and when you put a subtitle for crying there and put T_T. That was odd, but it didn't take away from the spine tingling sensation I got at the end of it. It's just those one in a million flash films that make you think and help you realize the damage that is done to families and society by the disastrous forces of nature. The worst part about it is that I know that things like this really have happened over there, being trapped, that is. I think the spirit is really there to show how tragic it really is, though. Overall, this is just a perfect memorial movie and I couldn't think of any way to make it better. It's reached a point of greatness that I couldn't bare to see it fall away from. This is just one of those flash movies that almost brought a subtle tear to my eye, and I think now, perhaps, I should think much more about what's going on in the world around me. It's a day of realization, and in these dark times, we need more movies like this to remind us of the damage and chaos that is occurring all around us. You guys made a terrific effort and made a movie that could last for a very, very long time as one of the best memorial flash films I've ever seen.

Rating: 10/10
Score; 5/5

Special Notification: Very touching, very well done, best I've seen in a while.