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Reviews for "Kill All Dickheads"


its the rip gun from dead space


nice variety of deaths, but drawngs and animations left a bit to be desired. It also kida sat on an annoying line between game and movie where its better to really just make it one or the other. Because like this, you have to click, but you don;t really play. It's basically just like extra clicking for no reason.

-[Epic Review Quest Review]-

I liked this game - er, movie. Yeah, anyways, the deaths were rather well animated, but it needed more ways to die.


the characters looked all right and the deaths were excecuted quite well, too. the blood looked allright and the sounds were good, too.
but somehow this isn't a good flash... maybe because you didn't any detailed backgrounds or maybe because this was quite pointless after all? or maybe even both?
try to think of a better plot - or try to add some more scenes to this. it was quite short.

Not too bad for what it was.

This has been done many times, there was no background, and there weren't as many death scenes as I would've liked. That being said, for what it was, the flash was decent. the animation of the deaths and the way the blood was made was pretty good. The guys were made alright, and if you would've made the background look better, then the flash would've been better. I also liked the word intros and how they were made.