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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 3"

I like these games.

I was fairly turned off at how the graphics weren't much. Of course, what it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in terms of fun. I was really interested as to how you came up with something different for every level to win. It still would have been nicer if there had been some music. The level that I'm really stuck at is the one with the camera. You just have no idea what to expect next in this.

There are so many things going on in this, it's hard not to notice all the details. The sounds that were there were pretty nice. Sometimes, you just had to use the mouse to go to a clickable place to get where you wanted. It's a nice experimental game. Those always work well in puzzle games.


i like the robot penguin dance party hahahaha every body dance now!!!!!

to below

you click both sides then the middle without typeing a code and a great game to

boss incounter

how do i complete the boss encounter level