Reviews for "I can/can't open the door"


Lol Nice Job!


doode you are really good !!!!!!!!!! i love youre movie !!!!! it´s so cool!! i hope it comes more movies !!

Delamortes responds:

yeah it´s coming more


awesome cool you rock

Delamortes responds:

yeah weel you suck

I love it.

Really good for your first movie.

This was funny.

By far the most entertaining display of the Christian Bale sprites. Much funnier than Krinkels' even, since the random humor was slightly overused. The animation held a pretty good pace. I liked the interactivity between the character and his weapons. While moving or tossing others aside, the guns he was firing interacted with each individual movement, such as leaning, stepping, or turning.

The plot, though not original, is definitely entertaining seeing how the door was a push, rather than a pull. The expression of his face in the conclusion was epic. completely asinine.