Reviews for "Bytesize"

Its good.

Lots of variation, maybe it should get its own channel.

Neat neat neat.

Great movies and all, but after I closed the flash and then firefox, all the sounds kept playing, and everything I typed on Newgrounds went backwards!
Get that fixed Mr.Fulp!

Pretty good

+Now there is a place on the portal to watch brief funny cartoons
+The quality resolution has been expanded smoothly

-Presentation is OK, but no extras such as character info, biographies, song information, etc...

All in all this is a good contribution TomFulp =)

1 word: Lol

I used to love seeing this on the frontpage of Newgrounds. Ah, those were the days. I hope you plan to bring it back again. I think my favorites were all movies made by Stamper and Johnny Utah. I tell ya I never see them around anymore. Keep up the good work Tom and everyone else who contributed!

Update: Glad to see this got updated

Pretty good. I like it's ''Cartoon-TV-Style'' 4\5