Reviews for "Bytesize"

It broke! Bring em back!

EDIT: Thanks Tom!

TomFulp responds:

It's back now as a video, have a look!

100th review yay

the bytesize was good but you know you totaly got this idea from us to put in in the portal you told me yourself, why were we not freatured as well? it is ironic you put this on the front page because they have been on the front page for over a year already. any wayz nice job to all the artists that were in this.

haha rofl

The ones from Stamper were the best! and some other movies were ok I guess and ofc some were crap, overall gets an 8

good time killer

good time killer
got lots of flash
animation good
but can i turn off the handbag loop please?

Valerie no...

LMAO Stamper you pwn. Some of it was ok the rest was awsome.