Reviews for "Bytesize"


Completely awesome. A mixture of the best shorts from all of N.G. Don't change a thing.

very good

i loved a lot of those mini flashes, especially the robo cop one that was hilarious lol. there were some in there that i didn't think were funny, but that's ok. there's something for everyone.


Entertaining, well thought out

Oh man, this brings back memories! I can't actually remember watching any of these, but since 2007 was probably one of my most active years here I must have. This is like a gigantic collaborative effort, tons of different styles and ideas, and plenty of twisted and bizarre ones. Just think about all the ad-revenue these artists are missing out on though, seems everyone should be listed as a collaboratee. Would be awesome if something like this could make its way back on the frontpage too, btw. Great works!


It broke! Bring em back!

EDIT: Thanks Tom!

TomFulp responds:

It's back now as a video, have a look!