Reviews for "Bytesize"

the fish

Naw man i think the fish one was funny i saw that three times cannot get over it. And the one after it was too much lol. I like the Bytesize would like to see more =)

So funny!

I enjoyed the ones of Administrators and Adam the most, but the toehrs were hilarious too.

Great animation skill from everyone, I'm glad this is now a submission, but I think the thing everyone is so amazed about is the file size and how smooth it runs.



my favz were stamper and adam philips lol i am gonna do that screaming in the car one lol and Chris thats a good point im sure someone has given it a better score because it is by TomFulp

Pure awesomeness

I loved them. And I also agree that other artist should be able make new flashes for Bytesize.

And Dazmi: Everyone of us knows Bytesize is on the frontpage. Tom simply decided to add it to the collection of normal flashes.


I agree with thebluenoise. I miss it too. BTW, why was it removed?
But anyway, great movie.