Reviews for "Bytesize"


Its nice seeing these again but the file size is a bit suspicous is this being streamed? o.O

Chinese one was the best

hands down, hilarious


the best ones were Wonchop's frog,the dog running into the board tryin to fetch the ball,and the fish one

Take THAT Wii!

So, THATS why you made this on the title page: to "advertise" it and have people post their shorts in order to create THIS!

Loved the entry with the Wii. I hate slot loaders (e.g. the iMac)

Very nice.

It's nice to see a collab with such diversity in it. As I read through some of the reviews I saw people liked Stamper's shorts a lot. Personally I thought they were great too, my favorite was Chowtown, big surprise. It makes me think of when my friends and I go to our local chinese restaurant, do I have the balls to pull that off? Probably not. I'd get mauled by pandas.

Anyways, there were a few that were a bit crude, though they were still fine. If you happen to read this review, how do you find the shorts you want to use? Just out of curiosity.