Reviews for "Bytesize"


The reason I made a bytesize is because when I first came here when the original bytesize cartoons were on the front page, I saw this really funny one that made me laugh REALLY hard and made me want to make something like that.... and I did.
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Stampers and Adam Philips animations were the best and the funniest but i enjoyed all of them... not one of them was terrible! nice work


personal faves: Katzenjammer, chris, jeremy lokken, JohnnyUtah, Cody Glaiel, Michael Swain, Mad Mardigan, lalo, Stamper, MindChamber, Will arbuckle and of course, dave.


And to Nuorus: FAIL

:) :( >:( *eats hand* >:3

lol I love that one, anyway I really liked this on the front page, it was like a sample of each artist's work.