Reviews for "Bytesize"

Funny stuff

Hilarious collection of movies, but I REALLY wonder how the hell the movie size is only 36kb! Wouldn't the music and sounds alone put it up to atleast a meg?

TomFulp responds:

All the music and movies are streamed in, so that it can run FOREVER. I just added a bunch of new movies... The update script had been busted ever since our last MySQL upgrade but now it's fixed.


It's good that you put this in the portal, I'd miss it if it were gone from the front page.

oxidase, did you not read the Author Comments..?

I've missed this.

A brilliant idea to bring this to the Portal, I've been here since the bytesize arrived and I'm glad seeing the flashes still intact and still kept me laughing.

Thanks for this.

Chinese one was the best

hands down, hilarious

A little confused

While I love the shorts, it IS the same damn thing on the mainpage. I dont get why it was made into a submission. Can neone explain. With that said...Stampers entries are the best. God I love his submissions!